The Scratched Pin MLT-I9034


Product information:

The test pin is used to do the scratch resistant test of the electrical solid insulation surface. It conforms to the standard requirement of IEC60335-1 clause 21.

Test method: make sure the angle between the pin and the surface of the sample is 80-85°.Then use the pin which is loaded with the axial force of 10±0.5N to scratch the surface of the sample at a speed of approximately 20mm/s.

This test pin can be equipped with 20N weight to reach the load of 30N.This scratched pin shall be used with resistance scratching tester.


Technical parameters:

1. The shape of the pin head is cone with the angle of 40°. Its tip is rounded with a radius of 0.25mm±0.02mm.Total body mess 10±0.5N.
2. Material: Quenched steel

The Scratched Pin MLT-I9034