Wire Cable Spark Tester MLT-1

Product information:
Wire Cable Spark Tester complies with the standard requirement of UL1581-1990. It is indispensable test equipment for testing the quality of insulating layer with high voltage during the productive process of electric wire and cable.
These series of testers have good humidity resistance and Strong ability of anti-interference. Thus to make sure the transformer can work reliably for a long term in the humid environment. It is equipped with Self-checking spark button which can check whether the equipment is in normal working station to make sure the accuracy of the test.

Technical parameters:

Item/parameters MTHT-1010KV MTHT-1510KV MTHT-15P(15KV winding displacement machine) MTHT-25 (25KV)
Sensitivity <600μA <600μA <600μA <600μA
External dimension 1050×450×1250mm 1050×450×1250mm 1200*450*1250mm 1100*400*1300mm
Input voltage AC 220V AC 220V AC 220V AC220V
Output voltage AC 0~10kV AC 0~15kV AC 0~15kV AC 0~25kV
Electrode Length 400mm 400mm 800mm 200mm
Maximum linear speed 480m/min 480m/min 240m/min 240m/m in
Maximum diameter of the cable φ10mm φ10mm - Φ 60mm
Maximum width of the windingdisplacement - - 100mmThe high voltage terminal is the structure of hair brush which is exclusively used in the detection of electronic line such as winding displacement of computer -