Hipot Tester 7X

Hipot Tester 7X series hipot tester
- Unqualified audible and visual alarm- High voltage breakdown voltage- At the same time, voltage and current ,time shows- Leakage current and testing time continuous- standard PLC1 interface- AC Min. Resolution 1μ A,DC Min. Resolution 1μ A
Product Name Main Technology Parameters Image
MT70AX hipot tester  ·output voltage:0-5kV(AC)/ accuracy:±(5%+5 counts)/ · leakage current range:0.100-  0.200mA/20mA  ·accuracy:±(5%+5 counts) 
MT71AX hipot tester  ·output voltage:0-10kV(AC/DC) ·leakage current range:0-20mA(AC)/ 0-10mA (DC) ·accuracy:±(5%+5 counts) 
MT71BX hipot tester  ·output voltage:0-10kV(AC/DC) · leakage current range: 0-50mA(AC) 0-20mA (DC)    ·accuracy:±(5%+5 counts) 
MT72BX hipot tester  ·output voltage:0-5kV (AC) ·leakage current range: 0-2mA/20mA/100mA       ·accuracy:±(5%+5 counts) 
MT72CX hipot tester  ·output voltage:0-5kV(AC/DC) ·leakage current range:01/100mA(AC) 0-20mA (DC)   ·accuracy:±(5%+5 counts) 
Product Name Main Technology Parameters Image
MT72DX hipot tester  ·output voltage:0-5kV (AC/DC) ·leakage current range:0-20mA(AC)0-10mA(DC)    ·accuracy:±(5%+5 counts)   
MT73X hipot tester  ·output voltage:0-5kV(AC) ·leakage current range: 0-2mA/20mA /200mA         ·accuracy:±(5%+5 counts) 
MT74AX All digital display tester  ·output voltage:(0-20kV)(AC/DC)  ·leakage current range:( 0-10)mA (AC/DC)  ·output capacity:200VA               ·time: 1 -99s 
MT74BX Ultra high voltage tester  ·output voltage:(0-30)kV(AC/DC)  ·time: (1—99)s ·leakage current range:(0-20)mA       ·output capacity: 600VA  
MT74CX Ultra high voltage tester  ·output voltage:(0-50)kV(AC/DC)  ·time: (1—99)s ·leakage current range:(0-20)mA       ·output capacity: 1000VA 
MT74-10 Ultra high voltage tester  ·output voltage:(0-10)kV (AC/DC)     ·output capacity:5000VA ·leakage current range:(0—500)mA (AC) ( 0—250)mA(DC)  ·time: (1-99)s 
MT74-20 Ultra high voltage tester  ·output voltage:(0~20)kV (AC/DC)     ·output capacity:4000VA ·leakage current range:(0—200)mA (AC) ( 0—100)mA(DC)  ·time: (1~99)s 
MT74-75 Ultra high voltage tester  ·output voltage:(0-75)kV (AC/DC)     ·output capacity:7500VA ·leakage current range:(0—100)mA (AC) ( 0—50)mA(DC)   ·time: (1-99)s 
MT74-100 Ultra high voltage tester  ·output voltage:(0-100)kV (AC/DC)     ·output capacity:10000VA ·leakage current range:(0—100)mA (AC) ( 0—50)mA(DC)   ·time: (1-99)s