About Multi-Tech

About Us

Our firm engaged in manufacture, import and export of test equipment, with its expert staff, aims at supplying equipment complying with international standards by taking into consideration customer satisfaction. 


Multitech Technology has aspired to continuous development since its establishment and is taking firms steps forward to being a world brand by providing its customers with quality services and by using advanced technology in the field of test equipment. 


Our firm; aiming at perfection at its entire business process, adopted continuous development, being responsible in terms of customer expectations, provides its customers with reliable and high quality products complying with relevant standards.


In addition to sale of test devices our firm carries out activities such as technical service, product development and software development. We also provide engineering services such as development and design of integrated devices according on the customers’ requirements. 


Multitech Technology provides both end-users and manufacturers and marketing firms throughout the world, in addition to private establishments and public institutions and universities, with products and services. 


Thanks to its well-educated, experienced, attentive and dynamic engineering staff our fundamental principle is to complete the works undertaken by us in time and according to customers’ requirements by paying special attention to quality.


By giving particular importance to active communication with our customers, our firm is devoted to sharing the latest technological improvements with our customers and ensuring well-organized information flow.


At a time when access to information, knowledge generation and knowledge use are of particular importance fast and efficient service is also a substantial issue. Our prioritized target is to respond such fast development and flexibility by use of our methods, systems, human resources, information system infrastructure and experienced staff.

About Multi-Tech