Test Rod Probe D MLT-I9004

Product information:

This probe conforms to the standard requirement of IEC61032 figure 4 test probe D and IEC60529 for IP4 and IEC60065. This rod probe is intended to verify the protection of persons against access to hazardous parts. It is also used to verify the protection against access with a wire.

Customizable: It can be used for anti-electric shock test when equipped with amphenol connector. It can also be used for enclosure protection test when open threaded hole of M6 at the end of the handle (connected with pull and push dynamometer) .The probe whose model number is with "T" is with force.


Main specification and corresponding technical parameters:

Parameters / Model MLT-I9004 MLT-I9004T
Name Test  rod probe D Test rod probe D with force
1 Ф1+0.05 0 Ф1+0.05 0
2 SФ35±0.2 SФ35±0.2
3 Ф10 Ф10
4 100±0.2 100±0.2
5 100 ----
6 ---- 1N force
14 IEC61032.1 IEC60529

Test Rod Probe D MLT-I9004