Calibration device for spring hammer MLTCSH

As the requirements shown in the IEC 60068-2-75, this calibration device is used to test the impact energy of the spring hammer. It is the special equipment for the laboratory.

Technical parameters:
Accuracy: 0.01J
The maximum measuring range: 0-2J Impact energy: Max. 2J.
The weight: Copper weight cover (2J) Guide groove diameter: 51mm Pendulum: Steel.
Diameter pendulum: 20mm.
Length pendulum 635mm ± 2,5mm.
Pendulum H: 120mm ± 2mm.
Pendulum D: 20mm ± 0,5mm.
Pendulum W: 4mm ± 0,01mm.
The energy loss of the pendulum: <0.002j Release device: Ac. Mechanic.
Trigger distance: >30mm Reference: IEC 60068-2-75 fig. B1.