Drop Test Device MLT-9021673

The drop test device is specially designed and manufactured according to IEC 60335-2-4 (par. 21.101) and IEC 60335-2-7 (par. 21.101.1).
It is used for detect the impact-resistance mechanical strength properties of the appliances covers by loading loads from the top.

Structural Description

A. The device has a self-locking hammer mechanism. The hammer is made of C40 galvanized steel (diameter 150mm, total mass 20KG), and it is with a diameter 70mm hardness IRHD 40-50 rubber hemisphere. The hammer can be released by the handle.
B. The device has stainless steel frame, 200mm-800mm width is adjustable, t is applicable for different specifications test samples.
C. The device is easy to operate, simple and practical.

Parameters Name Parameter Data
Hammer Rubber hammer hemisphere, hardness 40I RHD-50I RHD; hammer handle is made of stainless steel; weight: 20kg
Impact height 100mm, can be adjusted by adjustable feet
Locking mode Self-locking by enhancing the hammer
Release mode Manually release
Sample’s dimension W * D = (200 ~ 800) * 480mm