MTL-2 Minature Circuit Breaker Electrical Life Tester

Basic parameter
1) Input voltage: three -phase, four-line( AC 380 , ±5% 50Hz±1Hz);
2) Capacity: full load 120kVA (can make according to customer's requirement);
3) Output voltage of three-phase four-line: 0-520V adjustable
4) load current of three loads: 0-70A adjustable;
5) Power factor:0.6~1 adjustable;
6) Clamp controlled by electro motion instead of motor;
7) Insulated resistance of tester≥5MΩ;
8) System error≤±1.5%;
9) Current precision≤±1.0%;
10) Fluctuate range of displayed current≤0.5%;
11) Wave of output current: sine wave, distortion degree<5%;
12) Can test the electron life, machine life, working time and working degree
13) İndicate the working voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency,
14) Microcomputer can control, print, save and build data base.
15) Can make according to customer's requirement?
16) Can switch automatically, and lock, print, communicate