MTBC-901 Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

1) The voltage ratio measurement for three or singe phase transformer
2) The group vector measurement for three phase transformer.
3) The polarity measurement for single phase transformer or CT/PT
4) Voltage ratio error calculation
5) Current transformer ratio measurement
6) Excitation current measurement in ratio testing
7) Reproduction the AC test voltage from power source to reduce the effects of bad power source
8) Save the test results in the memory internal the tester
9) Print the test results by micro printer
10) Reverse connection detect unit to prevent the high voltage injected to operator
11) Over current protection unit integrated in software and hardware
12) Upload the test results to PC by RS232 and make word report by software

Technique index
1) Ratio measurement range: 1-10000
2) Group measurement: 1-12
3) Phase measurement error: 1 degree
4) Ratio measurement error: 1-2000 ± 0.2%RDG 2000-10000 ± 0.5%RDG
5) Test voltage: 0-80V, frequency 50Hz
6) Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz/60Hz
7) Environment temperature: 0?~50?;
8) Humidity: 85%RH
9) Size 400 x 350x 200 mm
10) Weight: 7kg