MTVA-404 CT PT Analyzer


Tests for current transformer:
1) Excitation curve and parameters test
2) Turns ratio test
3) Ratio and phase error test
4) Polarity mark check
5) Coil resistance measurement
6) Secondary loop burden measurement
7) Error line curve test for protection CT
8) Transient CT parameters test
9) Search nameplate parameters for unknown data CT Tests for voltage transformer:
Tests for voltage transformer:
1) Excitation curve test
2) Turns ratio test
3) Polarity test
4) Secondary burden test
5) Coil resistance test

Technical index
1) Test standards :IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, IEC60044-2, IEC60044-5, C57.13
2) Power output: 0.1-180V (AC)
3) Current output: 0.001-5A (RMS)
4) Power output: 500VA
5) Test frequency: 0.1-60Hz
6) Maximum knee voltage measurements: 45kv
7) Current measurement:
Range: 0-10A (automatically change range in 0.1/0.4/2/10A) Error<±0.1%RDG+0.01%FS
8) Voltage measurement:
Range: 0-200 V (automatically change range in 1V/10V/70V/200V) Error< ±0.1% RDG +0.01%FS
9) Turns ratio measurement: Range: 1-35000,
1~2000 error<0.05%
2000~5000 error<0.1%
5000~35000 error<0.2%
10) Phase measurement: error<±2min,resolution: 0.01min
11) Coil resistance measurement:
Range: 0-8KΩ (automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm/800ohm/8kohm)
Error< 0.2% RDG +0.02%FS
Maximum resolution: O.lmn
12) Temperature measurement: -50-100 Celsius degree, error<3 Celsius degree
13) CT Secondary burden:
Range 0 -160 ohm (automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm/160ohm)
Error<0.2%RDG+0.02%FS Maximum resolution 0.001ohm
14) PT Secondary burden:
Range 0-80kohm (automatically change range in 800ohm /8kohm /80kohm)
Error <0.2% RDG +0.02%FS
Maximum resolution; 0.1ohm
15) Saved data groups: >l000 groups
16) Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
17) Size: 485mmx356mmx183mm Weight: <13kg