Test Sphere Probe 1 MLT-I9005


Product information:

This test sphere probe confirms to IEC61032 figure 5 test probe 1 、 IEC60335 、 IEC60950、 IEC60598、UL507 standards. It is intended to verify the degree of protection of enclosures against ingress of solid foreign objects having a diameter of 50mm or greater. It is also regarded as the steel ball for dropping impact test. It can be equipped with a lifting ring, and used for pendulum bob test after hanging with a rope. Steel balls with other diameters can be customized.


Main specification and corresponding technical parameters:

Parameters/Model MLT-I9005 MLT-I9005A MLT-I9005B MLT-I9005C MLT-I9005D
Name Test probe 1steel ball 50mmdropping steel ball 50mmsteel ball with ring 50.8mm dropping steel ball 50.8mmsteel ball with ring
Sizes SФ50+0.05 0 SФ50 SФ50 SФ50.8 SФ50.8
Weight ---- 500±25g 500±25g 535±25g 535±25g
Standard IEC61032/GB16842 GB4943 GB4943 UL507 UL507