Accessories for Flaming

Glow wire Thermocouple
Imported with original packag ing insulation high temperatur e resistance armour thermoc ouple,Ø1mm type K, armour heat-resisting1100℃ (is supe rior to the standard 1050℃)
Glow wire U type head
Glow wire is equipped with U type head, material: imported Ni/Cr(80/20) alloy; specification: dia. 4mm±0.04mm
Ni/Cr(80/20) special made standard annular
Silver foil
0.06mm silver foil used in the test, use for adjusting temperature accuracy of the glow wire, purity 99.9%.
Silk paper
Glow wire test consumable-silk paper, silk paper specificatio n: 12g/㎡~30g/㎡

Deal board
Use deal board of
20cm*20cm for glow wire
Copper block
Horizontal-vertical tester, needle flame tester dedicated thermometry copperΦ5.5,1.76g(50W) /Φ9,10g(500W)/4*6,0.58g( needle flame),high cathode copper, purity over 99.5%
Platinum pole
Used platinum electrode for electric leakage, front part purity is 99% platinum;
0.1mm×5mm±0.1mm× 12mm ± 5mm,30°±2° bevel, copper handle welded
Flame height gauge
Material: thickness of 1-1.5mm stainless steel, IEC606095-11-4 picture 2,
IEC606095-11-3 picture 2.