Electric Wire Flame Resistance Test Apparatus MLT-EWF1

Product information:
This apparatus conforms to the standard requirement of IEC60320-1-2. It is applicable for vertical combustion test of the single electric wire or cable. It is used to measure the combustion characteristic of insulation. The burning time can be preset according to the specimen. It is convenient to adjust the flame height.

Technical parameters:

Parameter/model MLT-VF-1
Working voltage 220V/50Hz
Timing device 9999X0.1S
Burner Bunsen According to the standard requirement of
IEC 60695-11-2
Flame power 1KW
Combustion angle tilt 45°
Gas flow 160~1600ml/min;
Air flow 1.5~15l/min
Box size 300*450*1200 ㎜
gas propane
temperature thermocouple φ0.5armour nickel-chromium/nickel aluminum wire K-Thermocouple
Conforms to standard IEC60320-1-2