Electric Wire Horizontal-Vertical Flame Apparatus MLT-EWH1

The device is designed and manufactured in accordance with UL1581 standards and related requirements. It is applicable for the finished wire and cable, or soft-line to do 1060 vertical combustion and FT1 test, 1061 cable combustion test, 1080VW-1(vertical specimen) combustion test, 1090 electric wire horizontal specimen combustion test and 1100 horizontal specimen/ FT2 combustion specimen. The testing purpose is to evaluate the spreading flame capacity of electric wire or soft-line when they are on fire.

Technical parameters:

Timing device 9999X0.1s
Combustion angle 0°、20°
Flame standard ANSI/ASTM D 5207 & UL 1581
Blast burner standard ANSI/ASTM D 5025
Temperature Measurement MAX 1050°C
Gas flow ml/min ±0.1%
Thermocouple NiCrφ0.5 armour ±0.1%
Flame test 225W/50mm(16.5mm)/84±2S 405 ±10mL/min& 45±5 mm water
500W/125mm(40mm)/54±2S A:965 ±30mL/min&125±25 mm water
B:385 ±15mL/min&552±100 mm water
C:300 ±10mL/ min&600±125 mm water
Temperature controller 16A/D ±0.05%
Copper billet weight 10 ± 0 .05 g (before drill)
Gas category Methane purity>98%(equipped by the user)
Dimension Combustion box:2*2*1.207(M),internal capacity is larger than 4 cube