Toy Flame Tester MLT-TF1

Product information:
This device is designed and manufactured according to ISO8124 toy safety combustion performance. Adopting the burner that conforms to ISO6941, this testing device is suitable for combustion performance testing of all kinds of toy products and their subsidiary materials. Some examples are list as follows:

1. The clothing Children wear, especially shawls, flowing clothes and the similar type of product;
2. The toys that children can enter in (such as toys tents and dollhouse);
3. The toys that children can embrace with (Soft stuffed toy);
4. The objects that Children wear such as mask and wig;
5. Beard, tentacles, wig, mask and other headware toys which contain plush or other subsidiary materials

This product adopts the integral intake ignition system. The combustion time delays 0.1S thus to make sure the sufficient time of gas burning. It is with black inwall and multi-functional flame measure gauge.
The illuminance is less than 20lx. The box is made of stainless steel. It is equipped with large observation window and imported digital indicator of high precision. And it gathers a number of advantages of similar products home and abroad.

Technical parameters:

Power 50W(HB/V)
Timing device 9999×0.1S
Combustion angle 0°、20°、45°
Height of the flame 0~200mm adjustable
Blast burner standard ISO6941
Temperature measurement MAX 1100°C
Gas flow 0~0.3ml/min
Flow precision 1%
Gas category Butane or propane
Box volume Greater than 1cube
Working power supply 220V/AC 50Hz 0.5A