Foam Horizontal Burning Tester MLT-FHB5

Product information:
Foam horizontal burning tester conforms to the standard requirements of ISO9772-2001、UL94 and so on. It is suitable for testing the horizontal-vertical combustion performance of the small foam plastic sample whose density is no-less than the measured density of 250 kg / m3. This product uses the integral intake ignition system. The combustion time delays 0.1S thus to make sure the sufficient time of gas burning. It is with matte black background, multi-functional flame measure gauge, stainless steel of box full, large observation window, imported digital indicator of high precision, nice appearance. And it gathers a number of advantages of similar products home and abroad.

Model specification and technical parameters:

Parametermodel MLT-FHB-5
Power/grade HB
Up to standard UL94、ISO9772-2001
Time for flame applying 9999X0.1s
Time for flame residual 9999X0.1s
Time for burning residue 9999X0.1s
Number of times for  supplying flame 0-9999
Burning angle
Flame height 20~175mm adjustable
Gas flow 0.03~ 0.3ml/Min
Gas pressure 0 ~ 1 Mpa ;back pressure ±300mm water column
Specimen size L*W*H=127mm*12.7mm*(>3.05mm)
Position control specimen holder can be adjusted up and down, burning seat can be adjusted route front and back
Blast burner standard IEC60695-11-4,inner diameter 9.5mm , effective length100mm, with wing section lamp top
Gas category Methane or propan or mixed gas
Box volume More than 0.75cube,black inwall,brightness is less than 20lx