Leakage Tracking Tester MLT-LT1

Product information:
The tester is designed and manufactured according to the standard requirements of IEC60112 、 IEC60335-1 、 IEC60598-1 、 UL746A and ASTM D3638-92. The working principle of the leakage tracking test(tracking index testing) is that the conducting liquid (0.1%NH 4 CL) of required volume in the required height (35mm ) and required time (30s) drops with the voltage between the platinum electrodes(2mm × 5mm )on the surface of solid insulating material. Thus the users evaluate the tracking resistance performance of solid insulating material surface under the combined influence of electric field and humid or contaminate medium. In a word, this device is used to measure the compare tracking index (CT1) and electrical resistance index (PT1).

A gauge block is supplied with the instrument to ensure the electrodes have the proper distance between them. The table height is easily adjustable to ensure the proper angle of the electrodes and height of drops. The rest of the test is controlled from outside the test chamber with the door closed. The voltage, limiting current, drip rate and number of drips are all set on the control panel. An operator should observe the test to see if a flame ignites. The instrument sounds an alarm if there is a tracking failure of at least two seconds.
Leakage tracking tester is suitable for the research, production and quality department of lighting equipment, low-voltage apparatus, household appliance, machine tool electric appliance, electrical machine, electric tool, electronic instrument, electrotechnical instrument, information technology equipment. I t is also suitable for the industry of insulating material, engineering plastics, electrical connector and accessories.

Model specification and technical parameters (Optional for touch screen MLT-LT3)

Parameter model MLT-LT1(0.1m³) MLT-LT2(0.5m³)
Working voltage 220V/50Hz,1KVA 220V/50Hz,1KVA
Testing voltage 0~600V adjustable,precision 0 ~ 600V adjustable , precision
1.5% 1.5%
Timing device 9999X0.1S 9999X0.1S
Electrode Platinum electrode and brass electrode each for a pair Platinum electrode and brass electrode each for a pair
Electrode dimension 5±0.1)×(2±0.1)×(≥12)㎜,30°slant (5±0.1)×(2±0.1)×(≥12),30°slant
Electrode included angle and distance 60°±5°,distance is (4±0.1 ㎜) 60°±5°, distance is (4±0.1 ㎜)
Electrode pressure 1.00N ± 0.05N(digital display is optional) 1.00N±0.05N (digital display is optional)
The interval of 30±5S,adjustable 30±5S,adjustable
dropping liquid
Dropping liquid 35±5mm 35±5mm
Dropping liquid 0.2S(solenoid valve time) opening 0.2S(solenoid valve opening time)
Dropping liquid 45~50 drip/cm3 45~50 drip/cm3
Time-delay circuit 2±0.1S(in 0.5A or larger current) 2±0.1S(in 0.5A or larger current)
Short-circuit pressure drop 8% MAX 8% MAX
Short-circuit current 1±0.1A 1% 1±0.1A 1%
Wind speed 0.2m/s 0.2m/s
Environmental requirement 0 ~ 40℃, relative humidity≤80% , in the place of no obvious vibration and corrosive gas
Conforms to standard IEC60695、IEC60112、UL746A、ASTMD3638