Aging Oven

Touch screen control and digit display
Low speed rotary table available
PT100 temperature sensor and 1 pc Cable port (50mm)
Thermal Insulation material with ultra-fine glass fibre to avoid unnecessary loss of energy and ensure good performance
Tempered glass material observation window, equipped with LED light for clear detection inside work chamber
Hot air circulating system with heat resistant blower to ensure even temperature inside work chamber

Hang the specimens vertically on the test rack and heat at the
required temperature for a certain time period according to your test
criteria. Then take then specimens form the Aging oven and place
them at room temperature for 4 hours. After all, compare the cross
section area and the scale line distance; test the tensile strength and elongation


Model Interior size(W*H*D)mm Max. Temp Rack rotation speed HeaterPower Motor Dimension(W*H*D)mm Weigeht Power
KOR-72 400*400*450 200℃ or 300℃ 5-10 R.P.M 2KW 1/8HP 910*550*990 70kg AC220V,1Φ,12A
KOR-150 500*500*600 3.5KW 1/4HP 880*830*1250 90kg AC220V,1Φ,18A
KOR-216 600*600*600 5KW 1/4HP 1010*650*1140 105kg AC220V,1Φ,26A


Air Exchange Type Aging Oven(KOVU-216L)

0°C 0.001293 g/cm³ Interior size (W*D*H)mm 600*600*600mm
5°C 0.001270 g/cm³ Air-change rate 100~200 times/hr, adjustable
10°C 0.001247 g/cm³ Temp, controller Digital controller, P.I.D. +SCR o/p
15°C 0.001226 g/cm³ Temp, range R.T. +20~+300°C
20°C 0.001205 g/cm3 Specimen's rotary disk Three layers, three circles per layer
25°C 0.001184 g/cm³ Dimension (W*D*H)mm 1250*840*1630
30°C 0.001165 g/cm³ Weight 280kg
    Power AC220V 1 25A 50Hz/60Hz

●Interior hot air circulation pushes the specimens aging in a guaranteed airing and good uniformity environment. ●Equipped with ventilation fan and over temperature relay.

●Can also be used as Drying Oven by changing the test frame rack.


Air exchange type aging oven is used for testing insulator of wires or rubber specimens to compare the change of tensile strength and elongation rate after aging test.

Air exchange rate test method and calculation

●Block all of ventilation holes, door(s), temperature probe hole, especially the hole for shaft of air circulation fan before test, otherwise will cause remarkable test error.

●Connect the Watt Mater to power of the Oven (according to ASTM standard, resolution of the Watt Meter should be 1.0Whr.and 1hour.).

●Rise up the temperature inside the oven to 80±2℃ above room temperature. Measuring position of room temperature should bar at 2m from the oven and at almost the same height of the air inlet, should also be away at 1m from any other object.

●Measure the power consumption (W) for half an hour, times 2 to get the value of 1 hour.

●Remove all the seal materials and measure the power consumption under air exchange by using the same way.

Hence use the following formula to calculate the Air Exchange times per hour. N=3590(X-Y)/V*D*ΔT

N: number of air exchange per hour

X:average power consumption in watts hour during ventilation by the watt-hour reading V:volume of the testing chamber cm3

Y:average power consumption W-hr with no ventilation obtained by the same way.

D:density of the ambient room air during the test g/cm3

ΔT:difference of temperature between the testing chamber and the ambient room air 0℃