Vacuum Oven

Vacuum oven are mostly used for drying, baking, sterilization of non - volatile items and heat treatment test for mining enterprises, schools, medical and scientific research. Expecially for simultaneous drying of different kinds of polymers in small quantities for drying materials for trial molding. They can also be applied in electronic engineering, electroplating,
and pharmacy, paint baking, printing industries, etc. for preheating or drying related products.

Silicone sealing pressure pad, ensure the perfect tightness inside the box
Glass fiber insulation, provide efficient thermal insulation, energy - saving effect
Heating plate installed in a box in a four - sided, ensure temperature uniformity
Digit temperature sensor, ensure work stably for given vacuum conditions


Model Power Temp Range Vacuum limit Working chamber size (W*H*D)mm
KUO-27-200 3KW 60℃~200℃ 130Pa 300*300*300
KUO-72-200 4KW 60℃~200℃ 133Pa 400*450*400
KUO-100-200 5KW 60℃~200℃ 133Pa 450*450*450
KUO-290-200 7KW 60℃~200℃ 130Pa 600*950*500