Salt Spray Tester

Corrosion resistance test for products after treated by plating, anodized, spraying, and anti-rust.

High temperature resistant material imported from Germany to ensure long-term use
Complete system for water level and water temperature protection to ensure safe us Nozzle spray pressure, work room temperature and working time adjustable, easy operation
Accurate glass nozzle to assure evenly spread and no crystallization block.

Standards implemented and met
1 ASTM.B117-97 salt spray test
2 JIS H8502 salt spray test
3 IEC68-2-11 salt spray test
4 IEC68-2-52 salt spray test

Specifications (Note: We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice)

Interior dimensions(W*H*D)mm 1600*500*1000 900*500*600 600*400*450
Exterior dimensions(W*H*D)mm 2240*1500*1600 1460*1280*910 1130*1070*630
Volume(L) 800 270 60
Heater 15KW+1KW 7KW+0.75KW 3KW+0.75KW
Air compressor 2HP 1/2HP 1/2HP
Temp. range   35℃~50℃  
Power   AC220V 1Φ 50Hz