Kettle Insert-withdraw Endurance Test Device MLTKP-1

Product information:
The kettle insert-withdraw endurance test device is designed and manufactured according to the standard IEC60335 -2- 15 which is used to test the cordless kettle plug life.
Test principle and product feature:
Test principle:The device is driven by the motor and crank connecting link. And the kettle is pulled out for 10000 times at the rate of 10 times per minute. Then under the circumstance without power supply, the test is done for another 10000 times. When doing the load test, the two conductive pins are shorted with the external load of the rated voltage and 11 times of rated current.

Product feature:
The equipment inside is equipped with load, so it is unnecessary to connect with external one. Insert the sample into the Load interface, thus the load test can be achieved. There are two test modes of this device: automatic test and manual test. When it is switched into the automatic test, the device automatically switches to the conducting test (Mechanical Lifespan Test) after 10000 times of load test on kettle;when it is switched into the manual test, the load test and the conducting test can be achieved separately for satisfying the requirements of different samples. The number of trials (up to 999999 times) can be preset. The device automatically records the number of tests and the number of conduction in the running. When the preset number of times is reached, the device automatically shuts down.

Technical parameters:

No. Item Parameters
1 Power supply AC220V 50Hz
2 Test station 1
3 Drive mode adjustable-speed motor+ crank connecting link
4 Working stroke 100mm
5 Working rate 10 times/min(frequency control)
6 Total number of times 1~999999
7 load/conducting test times 1~999999
8 Clamp Horizontal-vertical clamp
9 Load current 1.1times of rated current. adjustable
10 Automatic test and manual test Switchable