Washing machine door durability tester MLTMDE-4

The device is designed and manufactured according to IEC60335-1, IEC60335-2-7 standard of household electric washing machine safety, it is used for washing machine door opening and closing performance life test.
The device uses the most advanced PLC plus stepper motor control, with 100% stainless steel manipulators and vacuum chuck; and it has standard TFT true color LCD touch screen, can be preset test angle and speed, so realistically simulate a washing machine door opened and closed manually, achieve intelligent control.
The test equipment consists of an electrical control cabinet, the sample holder and two mounted robotic composition (stepper motor driver). The rack is made of high-grade aluminum extrusions, manipulator are mounted on the rack beams and pillars, can meet the left door and the door of the washing machine test on different sizes, it is versatility.

Technical specifications and parameters

Control mode Most advanced PLC control,
Display mode True color LCD (standard 7-inch touch screen display and control)
Frame Structure High-grade aluminum    
Work power AC 220V 50HZ or AC 110V, 60Hz
Manipulator One size manipulator and one upper manipulator, you can replace the vacuum chuck and the gripper device
Assistance device 0-50mm stroke adjustable
Chassis adjustment device Adjust the sample to be level or tilt
Test times 0-999999 adjustable, automatically shutdown when it reaches the preset number
Opening / closing time 0-9999S adjustable
Opening / closing rate adjustable
Opening angel Side manipulator 0-180°adjustable; upper manipulator -30-90°
Work station Single(left door openning or upper door openning )
Rack Size 800*1000*1200mm
Sample door detection Sample Open 50mm outage detection
Standard IEC60335-1, IEC60335-2-7