Touch Screen Kettle Insert-withdraw Endurance Test Device MLTKP

Product information:
The kettle insert-withdraw endurance test device is designed and manufactured according to the standard IEC60335 -2- 15 clause 22.103, which is used to test the cordless kettle plug life. The test times can be preset (up to 999,999 times), automatically record the number of tests and breakover times, it will automatic alarm when reach to the preset number of times or breakdown.

Product feature:
1、This device is through PLC electric control system, adopt stepper motor drive lead screw positive and negative rotation to realize the reciprocating action of the manipulator.
2、The whole operations are touch screen, the parameters can be preset on the touch screen before testing, include the test times for the kettle insert-withdraw, conduction time, power-off time, test stroke, test speed etc.. Touch screen also equip with functions of manual adjustment and real-time location display, can be more accurate and effective to adjust the sample and the device degree of adaptability.
3、Multi-function fixture, it is suitable for different kettle test with adjustable height;
4、It can automatic switchover between load test and non-loaded test, it can also be tested independently, device equipped with load inside, the load test can be done when specimen is inserted into the device interface;
5、It can effectively complement the switch-off action on load test with complementary unit;
6 、 Using floor type structure, with casters can move freely, a rigid frame, good stable performance, seal plate treated by painting, sandblasted aluminum fixtures, beautiful and practical.

Model specifications and technical parameters:

S/N Item Main manipulator Complementary unit
1 Operation way PLC+ touch screen PLC+ touch screen
2 Displacement 0-100mm can be preset 0-25mm can be preset
3 Speed 0-100mm/s can be preset 0-20mm/s can be preset
5 Test times 0~999999 can be preset 0~999999 can be preset
6 Time 0-999.9s can be preset 0-999.9s can be preset
7 Fixture Main manipulator fixture Complementary unit fixture
8  Load current and voltage 0-250V,0-15A adjustable
9  Load test and non- load test Automatic shift
10 Test station Single station
11 Power supply  220 – 240 V  ; 50-60 Hz
12 Dimension and weight 83*50*104cm,150kg