Adjusting devices lamps and lanterns MLTADL-1

Product information:

The device is used to detect adjustment device, and confirm to the IEC60598-1 clause 4.14.3. The adjustment device, equipped with the appropriate cable or cord shall be operated in accordance with following table. A cycle of operation is a movement from one extreme of the range to the other and back to the starting position. The rate of movement shall not cause the device to heat appreciably and shall not exceed 600 cycles per hour. For adjusting devices that consist of a flexible tube, the range of adjustment for this test is normally 135° in both directions from the vertical. However, where this adjustment cannot be achieved without using unreasonable force, the flexible tube is bent only to the positions where it will remain by itself.
Test on adjusting devices

Type of luminaire Number of cycles of operation
Luminaires intended to be frequently adjusted, for example drawing board luminaires 1500
Luminaires intended to be occasionally adjusted, for example shop-window spotlights 150
Luminaires intended to be adjusted during installation only, for example floodlighting luminaires 45