Bulb drop test device MLTFL-1000

Product information:
Bulb drop test device is a customized device according to the Hong Kong standards, is used to test anti-drop performance E22 and E17 bulbs.
The lifting device is through the motor and the ball screw drive mechanism, equipped with high-precision displacement table, and there are 1m steel ruler with reading, drop height can be adjusted in real time; lamp fixture device is used V-shaped for positioning, can be achieved instantaneous release by the electromagnet control, without interference but vertical free fall; baseplate paved with Shore hardness 88 ± 3 ° of the rubber sheet, it is real simulate the actual drop environment, so it is an essential equipment for the laboratory test.

Technical specification and parameter configuration

Structure and Control Motor + screw + data display instrument of lifting device control, electromagnet + manipulator control release device
Display mode Drop height displacement table digital display, equipped with high-precision 1mm steel ruler display
Rackconstruction Stainless steel column, ball screw, high-quality steel base treated by painting
Working power supply AC 220 – 240 V 50-60 HZ
Lifting journey 330mm-1000mm, adjustable
Specimen clamping mechanism Universal clamping fixture by manual, button control solenoid valve instantaneous release
Drop rubber sheet Shore hardness of 88 ± 3, thickness 10mm, fixed on the thickened base plate
Top light Top inside cabinet is equipped with lights, clearly visible when test
Station Single station
Wind cover Transparent acrylic panels, front side with large-size door, wide viewing area
Baseplate and foot margin Thicken steel plate, steel surface mounted spirit bubble level, with four feet, can be adjusted to the level
Dimensions 400*600*1200mm,weight:80kg,the front door