Lighting Adjustment Device Tester MLTLDD-1

Product information:
The test equipment is designed and manufactured according to 4.14.3 of IEC 60598-1, mainly used for the lamps adjustment devices’ torsion, and bending test of the table lamps, floor lamps and the lamps which are for professional use (such as a plotter lamps) .
The test device is with digital control technology and drive mechanism. The reverse and bending angles, drawing stroke, rotation angle, test speed and test cycle can be set. Once the test is completed or failed, the test device will alarm.

Technical parameters:

1. The test rate can be set, set ranging from 0.1 to 10 beats / min.
2. The bending angle can be set , the swing range of vertical lines on both sides of 0-180°.
3. Rotation center height: 1200mm.
4. The maximum radius of gyration of the pendulum: R500mm.
5. Tensile movements stroke: 0-650mm.
6. Action angle of rotation: 0-3600.
7. Test cycles can be set, the number of cycles range 1-999999.
8. The fixtures can meet a variety of samples within the standard range of testing needs.
9. Motor: stepper motor.
10. Controller: Mitsubishi PLC.
11. HMI: touch screen interface.
12. Guided whole English interface, easy to operate.
13. Dimensions (length X width X height): 680mmX680mmX1500mm.